Historic Herd Names

The ADGA Website displays the Historic Herd Names that have been reserved permanently to honor the owners and animals that established a strong presence in dairy goats in the United States over a number of years. We’ve added more information here and will continue to update the list as we gather more data.

The process to nominate herds for this recognition is described below and the Award Nomination form is on the ADGA website. ADGA’s Awards Committee reviews nominees annually, selects those they deem worthy, and submits them for approval by the ADGA Board of Directors.

Historic Herd Names can be submitted for consideration to the Awards Committee by any ADGA member. The criteria include:

1) the herd name is not currently being used;

2) the herd made a significant genetic contribution to a breed or breeds of dairy goats;

3) the herd name was well known.

Historic Herds Names, Program Entry Date, Original Owners, Locations, and Breeds

This expanded information on Historic Herd Names has mainly been derived from ADGA Directories and Handbooks dating from 1959 to 1977. It is a work in progress and more information will be added/corrected as time permits and more research is completed. Some of the information is subject to change due to life and location changes that occur over time.