Voices Past & Present

from…Goat Gab Interviews – Podcasts by Laura Warren-Hughes & Cameron Jodlowski. Thanks to Laura and Cameron for allowing us to share these podcasts.

Randy and Mary Adamson

Doug, Mary, & Emily Thompson and Anna Thompson-Hajdik

Aaron Carter and Megan Treadway-Carter

Scott Horner

Ellen Dorsey

Jim and Joan Vandergriff – Caprine Supply

Patricia Bailey

Craig Koopmann

Paul Fox

Eunice “Pixie” Day

Dustin Noble -Noble Springs Dairy

Other Dairy Goat Breeders and ADGA Members Remembered

James Morrison – From an interview with Daniel Considine – James Morrison, Past Director (1967-1978)

Ray Vieira’s Clovertop Herd – A condensed version of the Historic Herd Nomination

Sheila Nixon and the Nixon Herd

Personal Interviews

Marge Kitchen – April 7th, 2022  – Marge Kitchen from Houston, Minnesota, is interviewed by Mary Thompson. Marge & Earl were long-time breeders and exhibitors of dairy goats. Both were very active in the Minnesota Dairy Goat Association and active in 4-H with their two sons, Keith and Kelly, as well as many other 4-Hers. Marge was Treasurer of the MDGA and other local clubs for many years, active in promoting dairy goats and initiating goat shows in the state and, along with companion Karyl Dronen, edited & published the State association’s newsletter, the Gopher Goat Gossip, and starting the Minnesota Goat Ladies. Marge, Earl and Karyl were very active in getting the Nigerian Dwarf breed accepted into the ADGA registry. Marge & Earl were also active entrepreneurs, developing their business, Goat Gifts, which provided high quality gifts and memorabilia for goat breeders across the country at ADGA events for many years. 

Daniel Considine – January 7th, 2023 – Daniel Considine is interviewed by Doug Thompson and Ellen Considine. This is the first in a series of interviews with Daniel, who was born into a famous dairy goat family in Wisconsin. Early on, Daniel started his own dairy goat operation near Baraboo with his brother Stephen. Eventually they moved the operation to a farm near Portage, Wisconsin, where he was located for over 40 years. Dan related numerous experiences in breeding, milking, showing, and exporting goats, as well as in his extensive work with the ADGA as a committee member, judge, Director, and Officer in the organization. Dan is currently a Director Emeritus in ADGA and now lives in Minnesota working the Maefskys at Poplar Hill Dairy and continuing the breeding of his own animals within that operation, as well as transporting and shipping goats and sheep, both domestically and internationally. Pardon some of the interruptions on this particular recording.